Madden 18 eBooks

Madden 18 Offense/Defense Bundle

It’s that time of year again and anticipation for Madden 18 is at an extremely high level!!! In Madden 18 Both sides of the ball have changed a great deal, trust me when I say this, Madden 18 is different than any previous year!! Be completely ahead of the competition by getting both our Offensive Explosion and Defensive Domination eBooks at a discounted price with this bundle offer!

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Madden 18 Defensive Domination

In Madden 18 Defense has changed a great deal. The offense has been given tools to better pick up pressure, with features like “ID the Mike”! When it comes to Madden 18, defensively your entire approach has to change. This guide covers all the new strategies needed to succeed! You will be far ahead of the competition from the very beginning with this Madden 18 eBook!

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Madden 18 Offensive Explosion

In Madden 18 Offense is completely different with several new formations added to the game. There are no “One Size Fits All” type plays this year. Passing concepts and formation versatility are key. You need to be able to make reads quickly and in progression. The guide will be live on the official launch day of the game, August 25th (Just in case there is a Day 1 Patch). This guide is called OFFENSIVE EXPLOSION for a reason!

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Wait! Don’t Take Our Word For It!! See What Our Members Think

“For that past couple of years I’ve had many people help me to increase my Madden game.  With that being said, I believe that MU offers the best bang for the buck. I went from a low level 3 to a level 9 (900 skill pt) player largely using Relli’s schemes. His offensive stuff is the real deal and his defensive schemes are downright NASTY!!!. I could have went higher than 900 skill pts if I heeded his advice to play less ranked games and to lab more”


“Man oh Man, I don’t even know what to say because Relli asked me not to take up the entire page lol. My game has improved dramatically since becoming a member of Madden Universe!  Relli is the most detailed, meticulous guy doing this right now! He is a defensive genius when it comes to Madden, and offensively he is no different!  I caught the end of a stream from another site yesterday where there “Pro” was playing Relli in an online $$ game and let me say, it was something to watch.  Relli seemed to just sit back during the 1st few drives that he was on defense, and once he figured out what he was facing, Relli just put down the hammer!! ”