Madden 18 News

Madden NFL 18 Features and Mechanics

Madden 18 has added many new mechanics and features based on feedback from the community. Relli breaks down these features as someone who has played the game! While others may try to tell you what will and will not work in Madden 18, or break down Madden 18 Features without even touching it, I have actually seen and felt this all in action!

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Madden 17 eBooks

Madden 17 Defensive Apocalypse

It’s time to put an end to all these high powered offenses! For months we have been working on a 43 based defense, and I promise you, this is BY FAR the BEST DEFENSE IN MADDEN 17! This year has been dominated by 34 based defenses, however, it is time to change that. We have some of the craziest heat of the year, some unblockable even if you max protect and block 7!!!!

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Madden 17 ATL Offensive eBook

After 2 Patches to attempt to NUKE Offense and Motion, Madden Universe Has COMPLETELY DESTROYED the Defensive META!! Cross Man: DEAD!! Cover 2: GoodNIGHT!!! Become an Offensive Juggernaut In Madden NFL 17. This Madden 17 eBook covers Formations that Crush Cross Man and Other popular defensive Tactics in the Game!! This guide Contains HOURS of content!!!

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Madden 17 SCR Defense Formation eBook!

As I am sure you all know the next big tournament on this years game is being played in Salary Cap Ranked! In Madden 17 SCR can limit your strategies on offense and defense due to the Salary Cap! That is why it is extremely important to be able to run a Defense that you can do anything from. Send pressure from the Right, Left, or Both sides AND stop the run!!!!

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Madden 17 Advanced 34 Defense

Well EA released a new patch that changed the AI of the offensive line a bit. And yes, just like last year the flood gates have opened for A gap and B gap pressure! This is by far the best 34 Defense in Madden 17 thus far, and easily the best defense regardless of 34 or 43 base this year!!! We have crazy heat that comes no matter what the offense does as far as slide protection, playaction, blocked hb’s, IT DOESN’T MATTER!!!!!

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Madden 17 Defensive Firestorm v5

For the past four years we have released the Defensive Firestorm Series!! Defensive Firestorm v5 is here!!! Madden 17 has brought challenges to the game that we had not seen before,, especially “Nano Detection”. Well great news, after countless hours of lab time, we have extreme pressure in Madden 17! You know I don’t release A Firestorm eBook unless it contains HEAVY pressure, and that’s exactly what I have cooked up for you in this guide!

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Madden 17 Premium Film Room

The Most Comprehensive Madden 17 Tips Premium Membership Available! Madden Universe is proud to present to you our Madden 17 Tips and Film Room Premium Membership!! Our premium film room will be updated weekly For the ENTIRE MADDEN 17 SEASON! This is something that you guys have been asking of the site for a while, and now it is here, and done THE RIGHT WAY!!! This includes weekly tips/mini-schemes, mailbag question breakdowns, and film room breakdowns!!!

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Madden 17 Tips and Gameplays

Madden 17 Ranked Gameplay episode 1

In this Madden 17 Gameplay, Relli takes on a competitor who had great run defense, but that wasn’t enough to make much of a game out of it. Relli’s pressure defense resulted in many rushed throws, turnovers, sacks and fumbles!

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How to Avoid Madden 17 Fumbles

In Madden 17 the frequency of fumbles is at an all time high, especially when it comes to sack fumbles! This tip will help you eliminate not only this issue, accidental dives when trying to QB Slide, and also fumbles from WR’s

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Wait! Don’t Take Our Word For It!! See What Our Members Think

“For that past couple of years I’ve had many people help me to increase my Madden game.  With that being said, I believe that MU offers the best bang for the buck. I went from a low level 3 to a level 9 (900 skill pt) player largely using Relli’s schemes. His offensive stuff is the real deal and his defensive schemes are downright NASTY!!!. I could have went higher than 900 skill pts if I heeded his advice to play less ranked games and to lab more”


“Man oh Man, I don’t even know what to say because Relli asked me not to take up the entire page lol. My game has improved dramatically since becoming a member of Madden Universe!  Relli is the most detailed, meticulous guy doing this right now! He is a defensive genius when it comes to Madden, and offensively he is no different!  I caught the end of a stream from another site yesterday where there “Pro” was playing Relli in an online $$ game and let me say, it was something to watch.  Relli seemed to just sit back during the 1st few drives that he was on defense, and once he figured out what he was facing, Relli just put down the hammer!! ”